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Join the growing community of wakesport enthusiasts.

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Never Leave the Water

Join the growing community of wakesport enthusiasts.

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yes, it's very much free

Jake Caster Wakesurfing Master Class

How can you not be stoked for this! Learn how to start and progress your wakesurfing with this one-of-a-kind class that offers step by step instruction! The course is exclusive to Wakr members and free for a limited time!

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Who doesn't love a good deal? Before you buy a product or head out for a lesson, make sure to check out our Member Benefits page for amazing deals exclusive for Wakr members. Here's a taste of the first wave of benefits:


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Elevated Wake CO.

Elevated Wake CO. - Meredith, NH

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  • Traveling and want a pull?
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Learn More About Boats, Boards, and Gear

This is what it's all about. Find, discuss or learn about the boats and boards that interest your from other community members. Get the info first hand from the people who've logged the hours.
Learn more about boats, boards and gear

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We all have something to offer whether it's as big a boat for a demo or as small as how to dial-in the perfect wave. This is the heart of what the community is about.
Watersport lessons


Offer in-person or virtual lessons with our built-in messaging and discovery tools.
Boat wave setup

Wave Setup

Help others that are trying to find the right wave for their style and skill level.
Boat and board advice

Boat & Board Advice

This is the space for peer to peer boat and board advice, not to sell.